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Big Rock Construction & Environmental Inc.

Residential Commercial Heavy Highway Contractor

Since 2005 19 Years working for you in North Idaho

P.O. BOX 3053 Coeur d' Alene, ID. 83816 Phone 208-661-2635  Idaho Contractors License # RCE-12362

Washington Contractors License # BIGRORC768JC

We want to bid your job Large or Small

Competitive Prices - High Quality Work - Completion On Time & In Budget.

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Mass Excavation

Removing Stumps Loading Stumps

Installing Road Culvert Preparing grade for road

Building Roads

Gotham Bay Estates on site roads

   D6R cutting grade on road with GPS       D6R and 160 Grader working road grade

160 Grader installing sub-base on Napili road with GPS    Roller compating base after grader sets grade with GPS

Building 2 Miles of Gotham Bay Road

Gotham Bay Road After Paving

Building New Subdivision Roads



Building A Bridge over Gotham Bay Stream

Building Rock Walls

Round Boulders placed behind parking area to form a decrative rock wall

Angular Boulders placed behind parking area to form a decrative rock wall

Angular Boulder Engineered Retaining wall

Hydro seeding & Soil Stabilization

Fast & Effective way to establish turf and stabilize banks.

Hydro-seeding Mild Slope Bank             Hydro-Seeded Hi Slope Bank with

     Bonded  Fiber Matrix Mulch Certified to replace Matting                                                                         

For Information Call: Doug Anderson 208-661-2635

54 years of experience.

Tree & Brush Grinding

Remove unwanted trees, brush, and slash fast.
Grind them into Environmental Mulch.

Fire Safe your Property Now

Cat 325, 25 Ton excavator with Grinder Head.

Close up of Grinder Head.

Cat 268B with Grinder parking out a lot at Gotham Bay Estates.

Cat 268B with Grinder Preparing a lot for hydroseeding..

Left side shows slash and stumps, right side shows finished area.

The Cat 268B with Grinder can Grind, Mulch & Till the mulch

into the soil creating an area ready to seed with little raking or

grading necessary, if there are no large rocks in the soil.

Cat 268B with Grinder Finished lot 11 Gotham Bay Estates

after grinding and mulching..

Brush & Slash Grinding & Mulching

Brush & Slash Grinding have many advantages over burning.

No ash and charred remains of unburned trees to deal with, just mulch.

We have a State of The Art Grinder Head, and Rotating Clam Bucket, for our

25 ton excavator as well as a Skid Steer with a Grinder/Mulcher for small areas.

This combination allows us to Clear, Thin or Park Out areas to meet the

needs of your property. We will make sure the job is done correctly

leaving you with a safe and healthy forest.

Fire Safe your Property Now

For Information on Grinding Call: Doug Anderson 208-661-2635

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